Walkie Talkie Communication

I notice the new comer walkie talkie service that is difficult to grasp that the market is nearly saturated, there is a possibility they could safely try to enter the market if they provide internet connection, especially if they particularly promising cheap internet. Unfortunately, this also attract  large walkie talkie operators who want to lose it for the price of internet connection is also cheaper. Fortunately the service is still a big cock up the opportunities of the internet is cheaper, so that the door of opportunity is still available (which still seems) to the new service provider. Large walkie talkie operator with evidence of very frequent interference internet connection going on in their network environment. Telkomsel flash even I still can not access to this day in Gresik (and I have loss rp. Simpati 2500 in my voucher as a “curious charge” because the flash want to try in Gresik existing 3G network Telkomsel). Indosat also only have a few 3G BTS in very few cities (exclude  Gresik that it be 3G, but the same deket Surabaya). Also some walkie talkie communication.

Now make your internet connection concerned need affordable alternative, I Searched found cheaper alternative from Telecom SMART (Sinar Mas Group). Jump name products. Details about the products cheaper internet Jump on their website at ngejump.com info including rates, Bundle, internet modem, prepaid and post paid from Jump SMART. Walkie talkie stores.

Jump indeed offer unlimited package, but apparently only for a limited time. Jump unlimited While this is only valid until 31 December 2009 and only for post paid only so, not to misunderstand. That can be prepaid no internet unlimited quota but can be 10GB. But there is the possibility of unlimited campaign is extended.

Unfortunately Jump SMART network is on 1900 MHz frequency when modern walkie talkie operating frequency is at 462 Mhz which is a result of limited availability of the modem and the phone working in this frequency. What we want to become a Jump on the internet, that we must treat it as bona rounded nekad must buy a modem or phone 1900 MHz. So I have been worried terlanjur buy lemot and in fact, can be high blood wah deh. But I have never liat ad SMART hp for the price under the new rb 300 and can use a modem to Jump. But forget his walkie talkie trademark.

Jump internet use CDMA EVDO technology. EVDO technology is believed to have effective access speeds between 300-500 kbps, compared sebelumya namely 1xRTT technology that is only 60-90 kbps. This speed it is equivalent to the GSM 3G network operator. Oya, do not forget that the 3G network also owned by the GSM operator is actually using CDMA-based technology that is also capable of carrying more data from other technologies, especially pure GSM / EDGE terkendala that because of time-based services penjatahan, characteristics typical GSM / TDMA. So with the ability to transfer data between the BTS Jump to hp that is capable of high speed (even specification is 3.1 Mbps) and now find out the capacity of live Internet connection from internet server Jump to how big the Internet backbone. I was only small, so useless because we will feel the speed of the internet such as increased Jump slug. I hope that big it is, so comfortable in berinternet. I hope that later on there what can you do a review on the internet cheap Jump on my blog this can be used as consideration for his friends before buying. Or even use SMART Telecom membenahi Jump to own. And please don’t confuse with this walkie talkie topic.

Now there are choices in your hands. Selamat ber internet cheap. Hopefully useful.


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  2. Hi, I’m from Malaysia, my friends and I will visiting Medan at the end of the months. We intend to bring along our walkie talkie. May I know what’s the rule & regulations at Indonesia? i.e. what the approved Mhz ?


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