Walkie Talkie Radio – Take Care

Using walkie talkie radio is fun. Or will make your work easier if you use walkie talkie radio to communicate with your working partners. As a radiating device, all walkie talkie is transmitting some amount energy called RF (Radio Frequency) and radiate those RF to air so they partner can catch those energy and translate it to audible energy. But remember when we use walkie talkie, we always put that walkie talkie radio as close as possible with our brain. So is it dangerous or not to our brain?

Actually I don’t know how danger a walkie talkie energy to our brain. But based on how a GSM handset always provide their customer with SAR declaration, I think it will be same with walkie talkie radio set. Both GSM and walkie talkie radio unit radiate some amount energy close enough to our brain. And with some circumstances, GSM and GMRS walkie talkie can transmit to maximum power (2 watts).

So I think it’s better for us to put our walkie talkie radio far enough with our head. Sure it will make us hard to use it. So now we need additional walkie talkie headset to plug. Putting this walkie talkie far enough should be reduce amount of energy radiating our brain.


2 responses to “Walkie Talkie Radio – Take Care

  1. Theres no proof about RF energy of the levels that walkie talkies use being dangerous.
    But to get the best signal and sound quality hold the handset away from your body.

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